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Make Safety a Profit Opportunity

We believe the following areas are worth deliberation and certainly a once off audit should be considered.

  • Ensure that your Statutory Compliance requirements are currently being met and there is nothing that presently exists that can lead to a claim that you cannot defend in a law case.
  • Review the “Statutory Test Certificate” provided by your vendor and ensure it represents the actual state of your plant items in accordance with the relevant statutes and standards.
  • Use your Statutory Compliance documentation as part of your maintenance and not a standalone product that has little value to the organisation.
  • Collect, categorise, and analyse the information from your compliance documentation.
  • Identify gaps in compliance to improve safety procedures.
  • Empower your employees to highlight materials handling defects.
  • Reinforce existing safety procedures.
  • Look at what the courts are looking for: facts, proof, and conformance.

Question: So where is the low hanging fruit, that can be dealt with quickly?

Answer:Start with information/data that you already have.

Look at the value of data analysis within your statutory inspections, the net result of a good statutory inspection is that there are real cost savings to be made. By reading the data you are empowered to:

Investigate issues: Ensure that everything was captured from one inspection to the next, no gaps.

Gain knowledge: What are the problems, ensure all the repairs were catalogued and carried out.

Improve procedures: Why are there problems e.g. operator misuse or abuse, defects, and issues.

Highlight gaps in competency: Understand roles and permissions, gaps in understandings, training.

Measure and audit: Save time and money, prevent accidents.

Question: Has the data collected improved procedures that can benefit health and safety, improve procedures and or make savings to your business, reduce your insurance and other related costs. If so, congratulations you have the best systems in the marketplace or do you. Begin again or contract out a once off external audit combined with the statutory inspection, it should not cost your company anything as the current supplier of the statutory service is being replaced as a once off to allow a high-level audit/inspection.

Use our 30 years of experience within the legal and statutory regulations framework. A proven method of compliance matching ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Inspection Standard Bodies Preforming Inspection.

Our award-winning CLASS software will provide you with professional analytics with some simple graphs that can be used to extract data from our statutory inspection programme.