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Project: Experimental Analysis for Cross Arm verification for 100 year storm, wind snow ice loading

A test rig was designed and built to cater for 3 test projects:

  1. Cross Arm verification for 100 year storm, wind snow ice loading
  2. ADSS Fibre Optic Cable bracketry load test

The project was set up to carry out a number of tests on the standard ESB timber pole cross-arm, cable conductors and new type ADSS fibre optic cable bracket.
The experimental analysis was to accurately determine the cross-arm capacity in terms of vertical, horizontal and shock loading using dynamic and static forces. Also to load test the attachments to ultimate failure in the vertical plain.
Carrie out finite element analysis on each item, analyse the compiled data and provide a report on the results which included graphs, tables and conclusions. Further type testing was carried out on the cross-arm in terms of strength and suitability for the load including certification of the bracketry as proof of conformance and batch testing.

The second set of tests were carried out to accurately determine the AFL/ADSS fibre optic cable braking strain and Give Link assembly's braking strain for the potential of a single or double cable brake which could be fitted over a railway line, main roads, motorways or agricultural pathways and building a profile of the best application for the safe system of accidental strikes to the fibre optic cables which would be strung separately under existing powerlines.