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Worlds first for ESB International

LHS designed and manufacture a test system that could analyse a specific repair for an interconnector cable that was underwater at 26.5 metres below sea level between Northern Ireland and the UK.

The test programme provided detailed information from a number of high accuracy load and displacement sensors with readings take every second.
The interconnector power cable was subjected to a number of tests including readings being taken while the cable was rotated through various angles while 25 KVA high tension power supply was passed through the cable.

The test bed was designed based on the lifting equipment safety factors and minimum deflection within the steelwork for thorough readings of the cable as it was put through a series of load tests.

This included the use of high accuracy (+or-o.o1%) load and displacement sensors and a set of vice points which collected data to accurately read the maximum force exerted on the cable and the flexing of the cable during the tests.

On completion of the tests all data was collected and analysed showing performance graphs etc.

"glue" now belongs to Loctite. With a black pick-up truck giving a piggyback ride to an additional city car, Loctite Superglue secured an overall weight of exactly 5.02 tonnes - almost one tonne on top of the old record.