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Project: Specialised Consultancy on Lifting Equipment for Hydro Stations

Preamble: Review the technical ability and current performance of all the Crane Systems and Dam Beam Lifting equipment.

The review covered all Hydro Stations in the Republic of Ireland and the project took a number of weeks to complete.

The review covered the assessment of the equipment under the Electrical and Mechanical engineering, Safety, Standards and Legal requirements under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) regulations 2007 (IS299).

A technical document was devised that mirrored each lifting system and data collected that would be tabulated and analysed for the individual site technical file.

Comparisons of issues on a site by site basis were made and a final report was produced showing the strengths and weaknesses of each Crane Systems and Dam Beam Lifting equipment.

The overall report analysed all the data and produced recommendations including all details for a tender document for the refurbishment and replacement of equipment.