LHS Services

LHS remains the most professional and technically innovative provider of Commercial Test House, Product and System Testing. We continually strive to ensure that safety first and quality always matches our client’s safety expectations as we continue to live our company motto, “Your Partners in Safety”

Statutory Inspection and Certification of work equipment

We offer a full service of Statutory Inspections for all the critical work equipment that your business relies on.

Our team are fully qualified to test and certify equipment to the standards required, leaving our customers safe in the knowledge that their machinery is fit for purpose and safe to use.

We base our Statutory Inspections on the three main sections of the S.I. 299 Regulations.

  1. Period of thorough examination of lifting equipment, and where appropriate, testing (thorough examination).
  2. In the case of work equipment which is exposed to conditions causing deterioration liable to result in a danger to safety or health.
  3. Special inspections are carried out when work equipment is unsafe, where modification has taken place, after an accident or prolonged inactivity.
  • All inspections carried out by our fully qualified and experienced team.
  • If deterioration is detected, we will recommend a workable solution.
  • All inspection records a retained for client use for 5 years.

Statutory Compliance Audit Services

LHS Services can ensure your vendors and suppliers for Materials Handling and Safety Equipment meet the necessary quality and regulatory standards with an external “CLASS” audit. We aim to reinforce the credibility of vendors Statutory Inspections and compliance with the current and up to date regulations.

Our audits are performed to ensure that the “Statutory Test Certificate” provided, represents the actual state of your plant items in accordance with the relevant statutes and standards.

As an independent and highly qualified third party, our supplier related services range from single audits and inspections to complete vendor appraisals and control schemes to ensure that products or services meet all necessary regulatory and quality standards.

Our specific industry and business knowledge will deliver the added value that has made us the preferred independent assessor for materials handling and safety equipment. Our expertise in this area has been recognised by industry professionals and won awards such as the “Recognition of Excellence” and the Health and Safety Authorities award for “Safety Projects”.

Using CLASS with Statutory Inspections, we can determine a machine’s availability, performance, and quality scores to calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). By adding in our statutory inspection process, we can assess trends for individual plant items that can provide valuable insight and benchmark against statutes to optimise equipment productivity in individual locations or plants.

Contact us today to find out how our services related to “Statutory Inspection Audits” can ensure that your vendors provide the required quality.

"What gets audited, gets done." (Blaise Brosnan)

      Load Testing

      LHS offers the full range of Non-Destructive Load Testing, including Proof Load Testing, Crack Detection, Structural Steel Analysis Mechanical and Metallurgical Testing.

      We are known for always supplying accurate and proven measurements from our experienced team. Our renowned Test House is fully equipped to carry out load Testing and Certification of machinery and structures including specialised testing of individual components. With 30+ years of experience we deliver accurate measurement first time, every time.

        • 30+ Years’ Experience in Load Testing
        • Our high-level test house equipment is used to provide structural calculations or determine breaking strain.
        • All tests are completed with laser precision measurements to produce professional and legal reports, graphs and video analysis.

        Test House and Consultancy Services

        LHS provides bespoke designed testing, it is where the LHS technical imagination and expertise becomes a reality.

        Our philosophy is "If it can be dreamt of it can be tested". LHS provides a technically experienced team and highly accurate test house equipment to meet the task for both small and large projects. We have seen it all, from simple rollover vehicle protection to testing equipment against a 100-year storm involving wind, snow and ice. Check out our case studies to see more.

          • Custom designed and fully bespoke testing.
          • Carried out on-site or at client’s premises.
          • No project too big or too small.

          Pressure Equipment Testing

          Our team of experts are the go-to choice of some of Irelands biggest companies for pressure vessel testing, which is required by law every 26 months. After our inspections we make sure you have detailed and accurate reports of all results of such examinations using our patented CLASS system.

            • Leaders in the Statutory Inspection and Certification of Air and Argon vessels.
            • Receivers and Pressure Vessels.
            • LHS provide a Safety and Rescue Service for inspection specialist companies.
            • Our CLASS System provides state of the art reporting, required by law.

            Racking and Storage

            Our Statutory Inspections and certifications are crucial in confirming the safety, integrity and reliability of your pallet racking and storage systems, minimising the risk of workplace accidents or collapses. A full set of reports are provided following the inspection, which highlight all risks identified using our fully comprehensive CLASS system.

              • Critical Testing ensures the maximum safety of your team.
              • Statutory reports including trend and aged analysis are available online using our CLASS system

              Torque Measure Devices

              With over 30 years’ experience in the transport industry, our Torque Inspections are heavily relied upon by both the Public Transport and Aviation industry. LHS Services offer the Inspection, Certification, Calibration and Servicing of all Torque Equipment and tooling.

                • These tests are crucial when maintaining high safety standards to ensure your personnel work in a safe environment.
                • We service all Torque Equipment including Wrenches, Torque Multipliers and Torque Testing Systems on site or in-house.
                • Our CLASS maintenance program optimizes tool performance and reduces unexpected downtime, thereby saving time and money.

                Patient Handling Equipment

                LHS inspect, certify and repair all makes and models of patient handling equipment. As more people are requiring the use of ceiling hoists and mobile equipment to help them live independently, we provide the supports to ensure your equipment is safe to use and that you have backup systems in place.

                We provide, design and supply of Statutory Inspections and hire of equipment to independent users and long-term care facilities including sports facilities.

                  • We ensure safety is provided to those who need it the most, by looking after the equipment that looks after your patients.
                  • Inspection and Certification is a legal requirement under S.I. 299 the “Use of Work Equipment”.
                  • We also carry out product and accident investigation on the equipment.

                  Accident and Product Investigation

                  In case of an accident, the LHS service includes Product Analysis and Incident / Accident Investigation. Prevention is better than cure and we strive to ensure that all of your equipment is fit for purpose and safe to use.

                  Accident and Product Investigation play an important role in today's business, the reliability of the products you use are paramount to the safety and well-being of your employees and customers. Let us be your “Partners in Safety” by monitoring their safety.

                      Other Services Provided

                      For over 30 years now LHS has provided professional services to national and multinational companies, if you have any queries relating to our services, we would be happy to meet with you and bring a high level of technical and legal experience to the discussions.

                      Legal Investigation

                      • Accident and Incident Investigation
                      • Product Investigation and Reporting
                      • Expert Witness for court

                      Consultation Services

                      • Safety Management and Consultation Services
                      • Safe Operations at work S.I. No. 299
                      • Patient Handling Consultation Services
                      • CE Marking for Equipment and Machinery
                      • Risk Assessments and Method Statements
                      • Product Safety and Assessments
                      • Guide to Statutory Compliance
                      • Structural Engineering and Certificate of Compliance
                      • Project Management

                      Safety Training Services

                      • Safe Slinging and Rigging
                      • Overhead Cranes
                      • Fall Protection – Working at Heights
                      • Basic Fire Safety Training for Office Staff
                      • Incident and Product Investigation
                      • Powered Pallet and Lift Truck Operations
                      • People Handling for Supported Living
                      • Patient Handling Equipment
                      • Manual Handling

                      Design Services

                      • Mechanical and Structural Calculations
                      • CAD Design Drawings – 2D, 3D
                      • Computer Modelling and Simulations


                      • Torque Wrenches from from 1 N·m to 2000 N·m.
                      • Torque Screwdrivers Adjustable and Fixed
                      • Manual and Electronic Torque Multipliers
                      • Evo Torque Battery Tools
                      • Pneumatic Torque Multipliers
                      • Mechanical and Electronic Torque Testers
                      • Torque Measurement Equipment
                      • Torque Transducers
                      • Ultrasonic Bolt Measurement
                      • Gas Detection Meters
                      • Confined Space Equipment
                      • Breathing Apparatus

                      Inspection and Certification Services

                      • Statutory Inspection and Certification
                      • Lifting and Safety Equipment
                      • Statutory Compliance Audit Inspection Services
                      • PPE, Safety and Rescue Equipment
                      • Air Receivers and Vessels Certification
                      • Pressure Equipment Inspection
                      • Lifejackets and Personal Buoyancy Equipment
                      • Pallet Racking & Storage Systems Inspection
                      • Portable Appliance Testing Industrial and Domestic
                      • Patient Handling Equipment Inspection
                      • Swimming Pool Lift to Transfer Disabled Persons
                      • Automatic Gates and Access Systems and Fire Doors
                      • Static Testing for Explosion Proof Zoned Area
                      • Fire Extinguishers Inspection
                      • Fuel Dispense/Pump Testing
                      • Sports Grounds and Adventure Equipment
                      • Personnel and Goods Lifts
                      • Mobile and Movable Jacks and Associated Equipment
                      • Skip and Container Waste Management Equipment
                      • Portable and Fixed Ladders and Scaffolding Equipment
                      • Work Equipment and Tools Including Electrical Tools
                      • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
                      • Steel Static Storage and Support Systems
                      • Fixed and Mobile Machinery Including Diggers/Excavators
                      • Steel Overhead and Runway Beams
                      • Anchor and Holding Devices
                      • Truck Boom and HIAB Lifting Machinery
                      • Water Treatment Lifting Equipment and Derricks
                      • Mobile and Fixed Workstation Equipment
                      • Vehicle Lifting Tables and Scissors Lifts
                      • Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS)
                      • Transportation Handling Equipment
                      • COVID 19 Home and Office Regularity Inspections

                      Load Testing Services

                      • Load Testing of Safety Equipment and Machines
                      • Load Testing of Structures and Buildings
                      • Standard Load Cells with accuracy +/- 0,2 %
                      • Test House Load Cell with accuracy +/- 0.03%
                      • Torque Load Cell accuracy+/- 0.15% Rated Capacity
                      • Displacement Sensors with accuracy +/- 0,01 %
                      • Laser Total Station Leica TC407 Laser Precision Rotary Laser
                      • Steel Hand Weights up to 3000 kg
                      • Concrete and Steel Weights up to 50,000 Kg
                      • Water Weights up to 50,000 Kg